Eleven years into their career, Jazzpospolita has become one of the most interesting phenomena in alternative music. So far, they have released six albums and played about 400 gigs all around the world. With the band’s line-up unchanged from the beginning – guitar, bass, keys, drums – they have established their own and distinguishable sound. The strength of Jazzpo, as called by fans, lies in the unique compositions that place the band on the edge of jazz, post-rock, and electronic music. Combination of jazz harmonies, overdriven guitars, and electronic sounds enabled the band to attract a widely varied audience as well as to perform at jazz clubs and major popular festivals. 

Debut EP (2009)

Wojtek Oleksiak (drums) and Stefan Nowakowski (bass) founded the band in 2008. At that time, they decided to move on from jamming and clubbing and started a regular band. Michał Załęski (piano, keys) and Michał Przerwa-Tetmajer (guitar) joined the group in early 2009 – in this line-up, they released their first EP. Enthusiastic reviews and listener’s acclaim resulted in more than a dozen gigs that earned Jazzpospolita a status of one of the most interesting new bands with no album released. 

Almost Splendid (2010)

Soon after the first tour, musicians signed the contract with Ampersand/Isound Labels. The label, one of the leaders of alternative/nu-jazz/indie niche, is responsible for Polish distribution of artists such as: The Cinematic Orchestra, Jaga Jazzist, Bonobo, Tortoise, or Mogwai. Jazzpospolita’s first album Almost Splendid was released in 2010 and proved to be one of the best acclaimed Polish debut albums of last years with its first edition sold out before the end of the tour. A review in major Polish daily, ‘Gazeta Wyborcza’, claimed the album to be: 

“(…) a great thing for nu-jazz fans and those who search for more ambitious alternative rock.”

Impulse (2012)

The second album titled Impulse revealed much more improvised side of Jazzpospolita, exceedingly-lively and psychedelic. The idea was to reflect the live concert’s atmosphere on a studio recording. Despite the aesthetic change in their music, the album met with a great support from fans and critics. ‘Polityka’ weekly wrote of it: 

“[their music is] intensive, uncommon, full of imagination, and free from routine.”

Until 2012 the band was on tour almost non-stop. Jazzpospolita played concerts in Poland (for example supporting Bonobo Live Band Polish Tour), UK, Germany, Denmark, Belgium, Romania, Estonia, Czech Republic, Russia or Bulgaria, on festivals such as: Heineken Open’er Festival, London Jazz Festival, Match & Fuse, Copenhagen Jazz Festival, and Comblain La Tour Jazz Festival. Polish Radio Channel no. 3 named Jazzpospolita a “concert discovery of the year 2011.” Finally Jazzpo’s concert on Męskie Granie (the biggest Polish rock’n’roll tour featuring top bands) brought an audience of 10,000. 

RePolished Jazz (2012)

From the very beginning Jazzpospolita was keen on experiments with electronic music. After intensive 2012 tour, the band released their third album RePolished Jazz in a rare format of double EP.  Side A includes six remixes, while side B is a re-edition of the very first EP from 2009. In the field of collaboration with electronic music producers, working with the duet Bueno Bros turned out to be the most successful, having brought a couple of remixes as well as live project Jazzpo + Bueno.

The band’s passion for good sounds as well as fans’ multiple requests, have led Jazzpospolita to release their full dicography on LPs in co-operation with an audiophile label Audiocave Records. Instrumental and hypnotic character of Jazzpospolita’s music has been eliciting the associations with cinematography from the very beginning. The videos for Laszlo and Cousins and Czerwona Flaga (ale ja się kąpię) reflect the band’s imagery and cinematic inspirations. In 2011, Jazzpospolita was awarded by the audience for the best music composed and played live to a silent film at 9th Silent Film Festival in Warsaw.

Jazzpo! (2014)

It took them 1,5 year to prepare and record ‘Jazzpo!’. The album summarises their three previous releases, but at the same time, surprises the audience with freshness and incorporates Jazzpospolita’s newest inspirations. This is how 11 brand new original pieces came about and were recorded live in a renowned studio. No editing was ever made; all the compositions sound just the way they were played during the session. 

‘Jazzpo!’ is a well refined album; starting from carefully polished compositions, precisely chosen sounds and vintage instruments, through the unconventional recording method, finishing with beautiful art work. Fans and journalists have unanimously regarded the new album as the best piece in band’s history. 

The Jazzpo! Tour lasted more than a year and turned out to be exceptionally successful. Besides more than 50 European dates, it pushed the band to go as far as to China where they toured for two weeks in October 2015 and played at the most renowned festivals such as Beijing Nine Gates or Shenzhen Oct Loft 2015.Every show of the Chinese tour was recorded and in 2016 album called “Jazzpo! Live Made in China” has been released.

Humanizm (2017) 

Okładka płyty Humanizm

Przypływ (The Tide) (2020)

‘One of the best and brightest bands to play on the upcoming Tallinn Music Week. This new blend of tunes comes from Poland’s Jazzpospolita who, as the name implies, throws a dash of jazz into their delicious post-rock tunes’


‘Very unique voice on the Polish scene, filling a niche for the young generation of music lovers, who are not really into Jazz proper on one hand, but who are bored with the contemporary Pop and Ambient scenes on the other hand. this music is fresh, exciting and sophisticated, which by itself is already quite rare.”